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Handmade Jewelry made in LA

24k Gold Plated 


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The Golden Bralette

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24k gold plated bralette, handmade with Swarovski crystals on every 2 inches of chain from around the neck to the lower sternum.

The color of each stone symbolizes and enhances different energy. Crystals come in 12+ different colors representing the 12 birthstones plus several other energy enhancing stones.

Limited quantities available at a time.
Custom orders made upon request.

Available now:

• Clear Crystal Quartz - Birthstone for the month of April ~ Symbolizes "Innocence."
Crystal Energy: Pain Relief, Balance, Healing
Renders negativity; Manages, accepts, stores and transforms energy.

• Green Peridot - Birthstone for the month of August ~ Symbolizes "Abundance."
Also called the "Gem of the sun."
Crystal Energy: Abundance, Manifestation, Amplification
Chakra: Heart (4th) & Solar Plexus (6th)
Accelerates personal growth. Opens new doors of opportunity and abundance while vanishing lethargy and laziness.
This is stone is used for protection.

• Rose Quartz - Symbolizes "Love."
Crystal Energy: Love, Clarity, Calmness, Healing
Chakra: Heart (4th)
Awakens and strengthens our sense of beauty. This stone helps us release suppressed emotions, ease emotional pain and soothes sorrow and sadness. Aids with self acceptance and emotional traumas.

Aurora Borealis crystal birthstone choker sold separately.

For special order requests or length alterations please email -


Clear "innocence" - April birthstone
Rose "love energy"
Peridot "personal growth" - August birthstone

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