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Experience a beautiful sunless tan using high quality organic solution.

Artistically applied for contouring, highlighting and accentuating flattering features.

Airbrush tanning is a quick, affordable way to appear thinner + defined.

​Cover skin imperfections, even out skin-tone, get photoshoot, wedding day, competition, events or vacation ready! Or just add a glow to your everyday life, a spray tan enhances your look and confidence and will have you looking healthy and golden!

  • Locks In Moisture

  • Develops and Fades Evenly

  • Wide Range of DHA Strengths to fit all color preferences

  • No Harsh After Smell

  • 100% Paraben Free 

  • Sugar Based, Organic, High Quality, Natural Ingredients

Now you can choose only the best for your skin.

Organic solution made with White Tea Extract, Erythrulose (a natural sugar), Grapefruit Seed Extract and the best grade of DHA found, Color ranges by DHA strength that we measure by percentage. 

An increased percentage of DHA results in a darker developed tan over an 8-10 hour time span. 

Tan stays on the top layer of your skin and lasts 7-10 days on average with proper care.





Dress down to your comfort level. Most women tan nude to avoid tan lines - feel free to wear undergarments or a swimsuit, just keep in mind the tan lines will be prominent. Men are required to wear boxers or briefs.

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate

  • Remove makeup

  • Avoid wearing deodorant, perfume, oils or moisturizer as it will block your skin from absorbing the solution

  • Facials and waxing should be done 24 hours before the tan and should be avoided after.

  • Come prepared with loose fitted clothes to change into

  • Tanning solution should be left on for 8-10 hours for best results, 24 hours maximum

  • Avoid excessive heat, sweating, or exercising while solution is developing

  • Use natural, paraben free soaps to ensure tan lasts

  • Stay moisturized with water based lotions

  • avoid products with mineral oil

  • avoid shaving 

MOBILE Airbrush Tan

30 min | $65

Organic sunless tanning solution, manually air brushed for contouring accuracy.

A spray tan is my favorite accessory

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